Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 20: Intermittent Fasting Muscle Building Program

Lean Bulking Results:
Week 1, Day 1: 156.0 lbs / 18.3% / 12.6%
Week 2, Day 8: 155.2 lbs / 18.1% / 12.5%
Week 3, Day 15: 156.4 lbs / 18.4% / 12.9%

Kinobody Results:
April 9, 2016
Right side: Unflexed
33.25 waist
46.5 shoulders
48 chest
20.25 thigh
13.5 calf
14.5 neck

Current: April 25, 2016
Right side: Unflexed
33 waist (-.25)
47 shoulders (+.25)
40.25 chest (I screwed up last week)
14.25 biceps (first measurement)
20.25 thigh (unchanged)
13.75 calf (+.25)
14.75 neck (+.25)

This is my new clean bulking series using the SuperHero Bulking Program by #Kinobody

My main goal is to add muscle mass while trying to stay as lean as possible. Instead of the usual dirty bulk where I just eat whenever and whatever I want, I will take the bulking approach while intermittent fasting.

I will be reviewing the SuperHero Bulking Program by Kinobody review which is a version of intermittent fasting. The SuperHero Bulking approach for adding lean muscle mass is to have a calorie surplus. My goal is to get to 170 lbs while trying to maintain a thin, slim waist, and adding the least amount of fat possible.

This will be an 8 month bulk and I will try to do daily progress videos.

Kinobody SuperHero Bulking:

Don’t know if you should cut or bulk?  Click here to find the right Kinobody program for you.

Aggressive Fat Loss: Kinobody Review

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