Day 82 of the 250k transformation challenge.

The end is almost near! I just want to his to be over so I can pig out, but I kinda started yesterday. As you can tell by my daily weight, Im back to 153 lbs and that just tells me that my body is hungry and 150 lbs is not my natural body weight. I’ve been through different phases in my life, first I wanted to be big, then I wanted to be strong, then I wanted to be ripped… Sound familiar? We all go through different stages in our life where we reprioritize what we really want. At this point in my life, all I want is to prevent injuries and be able to do any physical activity with my kid. I need to be able to keep up with him and that’s what’s most important to me. I used to be all about aesthetics and didn’t care if I was weak or unhealthy, but after going to the Dr’s and finding out I had high cholesterol, that changed my perspective on working out.

The reason why I’m leaning towards calisthenics now a days is because it’s actual functional strength. Doing a pullup, pistol squat, pushup etc are movements that we do in everyday life. Once you struggle trying to get up from the floor or just pushing yourself out of a chair, then you start to realize the importance of mobility and flexibility. When we were kids we didn’t have to think about it and just played. Now, if you try the same movements you might realize how hard it is on your body.

Enough with the long rant, 2 more days and the transformation challenge is over and on to a new journey. Have a great Friday everyone!

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