Day 81 of the 250k transformation challenge.

The final days are here.. Today I weighed in at 151 lbs and I’m feeling great. The burrito from yesterday helped me put alot, both physically and psychologically.

I’ve noticed throughout my journey that when you crave for something and try to hold out from it, sometimes you end up binging on that thing because you want it so badly. We want what we can’t have and it ends up hurting you more in the long run. If you eat in moderation, at least you get to still have it but not end up binging on it.

It’s about that time to carb up (3-4g Per bodyweight) up until the final day. Originally I was supposed to start tomorrow but today we’re having a potluck and I might as well get it in today!

Hope everybody has a great Thursday, the week is going by fast.. Enjoy it.

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