Zhiyun Z1-Smooth-C stabilzer: http://amzn.to/23SHpcs If you like the steady video footage, check out the Amazon link above for the 3 Axis stabilizer which you can use on your smartphone. No more shakey, headache footage! I try to hike once a month and I finally put together some footage and clips to show the walk up […]

Day 83 of the 250k transformation challenge.

So today is the last day before my final progress pic. It’s been a long journey and I’m pretty happy with my results. I no longer have a belly or gut. I can see my abs in the right lighting and I feel strong as ever.

Day 82 of the 250k transformation challenge.

The end is almost near! I just want to his to be over so I can pig out, but I kinda started yesterday. As you can tell by my daily weight, Im back to 153 lbs and that just tells me that my body is hungry and 150 lbs is not my natural body weight.

Day 81 of the 250k transformation challenge. The final days are here.. Today I weighed in at 151 lbs and I’m feeling great. The burrito from yesterday helped me put alot, both physically and psychologically. I’ve noticed throughout my journey that when you crave for something and try to hold out from it, sometimes you […]

Day 80 of the 250k transformation challenge. So today is the day I finally broke under 150 lbs! Woohoo! It’s a great feeling to accomplish a goal and even tho it took 80 days, I did it! I’ve been consistent with my nutrition and workouts, so I knew eventually I would get there. But now […]

Day 79 of the 250k transformation challenge. Its the final week and I just have to make it until Sunday without binging out. For the next few days until Friday, I’m keeping my carbs low and also my sodium intake. This is to help me look my leanest for my final progress pics on Sunday. […]

As 78 Day 78 of the 250k transformation challenge. I had audio technical difficulties and didn’t realize any of my audio was recorded on my video, so sorry there’s just background music. I only out in the weigh in, hand held body fat analyzer results and my flexed and non flexed state. I had a […]

Day 77 of the 250k transformation challenge. 1 more week to go and the end of the transformation challenge is complete. I went out last night with my friends and I did pretty good. Only had 2 drinks at the brewery, and afterwards ate only bbq chicken wings and 2 slices of pizza. Woke up […]

Day 76 of the 250k transformation challenge. The weekend is finally here! Despite being on a maintenance break, I’m back down to 150.6 lbs. We’ll see what happens tonight after I go out. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be even leaner.. Stay tuned! Everybody have a great weekend! Please follow and like us:

Day 75 of the 250k transformation challenge. The end of week 11 is near and it’s the weekend! My friends and I have a guys night out this Saturday, but I’ll try to limit myself to 1 alcohol beverage or maybe even none at all. Well just see how it all plays out. I do […]