Kinobody Review – Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss Program Has Helped Me Shed 27 Lbs & Counting

After trying a variety of diets including Atkins, Paleo and muscle building program, I was losing weight and then quickly gaining it back in a matter of weeks. Nothing seemed to help shrink my stomach fat, which was the main area I wanted to target in hopes of losing weight. As somebody who has a hard time sticking to strict eating regimes, I realized that I had to opt for an option that was easier to follow than the diets I had previously undertaken. I knew I’d never lose weight and keep it off if I couldn’t stick to a fat loss program long term.

I had read about the aggressive fat loss program by Kinobody and figured I’d give it a try, seeing as I had gone down all of the other popular diet routes without any success. I read a Kinobody Review online.  Given that it allows you to eat any kinds of foods you want as long as you stay within your daily caloric limit, I felt that the program would be a cinch to follow. Kinobody’s core belief is that your body’s metabolic rate will speed up if you adopt a habit of intermittent fasting, helping you quickly burn fat after you eat. Coupled with workouts three times a week, the aggressive fat loss program seemed like one I could actually commit to.

Within just four months of using this product, I’ve transformed my body and the results speak for themselves  (watch the video below and see for yourself). I fast for about 10-12 hours each day (including hours spent sleeping) and then consume 1800 calories a day, which is proportionate to the quantity necessary for somebody of my height (5’7) to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if I’m eating burgers or salads – the most important thing is that I’m not exceeding those 1800 calories. I combine the fasting and dieting with three weight lifting sessions at the gym each week, and have been taking walks on my break at work recently to get my cardio in, that’s right, just walking. I experience less cravings due to the fasting, have much more energy and my belly has shrunken considerably from its starting size.

Overall, the aggressive fat loss program by Kinobody has fit into my lifestyle the best out of all the other weight loss programs currently on the market. This is something that I see myself sticking to in the long run and I’m excited to continue down the path of my weight loss journey. I would recommend this to anybody who has struggled with dieting in the past and am sure that it will bring success to those who can commit to it – which isn’t difficult to do!  The final verdict of my Kinobody review is this is one muscle building program that works!

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aggressive fat loss program


Still not convinced?  Then watch my video below to see my full Kinobody review!  I did daily progress videos and still do on YouTube.

Aggressive Fat Loss:

I will be reviewing the aggressive fat loss by Kinobody review which is a version of intermittent fasting. This is my real, in-depth, honest aggressive fat loss Kinobody review. I used this program to enter the 250k challenge from and my results speak for themselves. If you are looking to lose fat and even gain muscle, but don’t want to starve yourself or deprive yourself from your favorite foods, give this a try. Seriously, for the cost of the program and the amount of information and results that I have gotten and many other people, what do you have to lose? I documented my entire 250k transformation challenge on YouTube. The aggressive fat loss program has made dropping fat unbelievably easy. If your goal is simply to get as lean as fast as possible check out the aggressive fat loss program.

Don’t know if you should cut or bulk?  Click here to find the right Kinobody program for you.
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